The 10 most hated Champions in League of Legends

Nicholas Greene, MMO Attack
League of Legends Singed
League of Legends Singed

I remember when the roster in League of Legends was a paltry 40 champions. Since then, it's nearly quadrupled, exploding to 112 characters and counting. With such a vast selection of warriors to choose from, there's going to eventually be something for everybody, even if finding one's 'personal champion' gets harder and harder with each passing release. But hey, more game-play, right?

Of course, all of this new content comes with some very troublesome caveats. There's bound to be a few things that don't quite jive with players, and there's quite likely to be more than a couple mechanics which end up broken no matter how you swing it. We've seen this many times in the past: Kayle's never-ending cycle of nerfs, Irelia's descent into near-uselessness followed by a complete rework, the stealth get the idea. We're not here to discuss problems in the game's mechanics, however. We're here to speak about something else.

See, in among all those champions dwells a select few whose names are spoken in not-so-hushed tones, furiously howled in the rage of battle (and usually accompanied by a string of profanities). These are champions which - no matter what Riot does with them - will always hold a special place in the hearts of players: a fiery, burning pit of rage, hatred, brimstone, and tears. These, my friends, are some of the most hated champions in the League of Legends.

10. Singed

You hear it all the time - it's a mantra that veteran players repeat to the newer ones: "Whatever you do, whatever else you may remember, don't chase the Singed." People still do it, though - in the middle of a fight, it's easy to forget such details and rush towards the next kill. The problem with Singed is that he excels at denying people that kill, laughing as he hurls them about like rag-dolls and watches them choke to death on his poison. He excels at enveloping his opponents in a choking mist which eats away at their hit points while they try to take down the bigger, more pressing threats.

Basically, he excels at being an irritating bastard. It doesn't help that no matter how far behind he gets, a single item can get him back in the game with relative ease. For leaving a bad taste in the mouths of players everywhere, Singed secures the #10 spot on the list.

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