FarmVille 2 'Be a Kid Again' Items: Everything you need to know

The newest FarmVille 2 item theme contains a series of small or "baby" items, including everything from tiny crops to small animals. These "Be a Kid Again" items will be available for the next 20 days, so here's a complete look at their stats in the store! Let's get started!


Cherry Tomato

  • Costs: 30 coins per square

  • Harvest time: 2 hours

  • Can be sold for: 42 coins

  • Can be turned into: 4 Animal Feed

  • XP Gained: 3 XP


Pixie Tangerine Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
Willow Oak Tree - 12 Farm Bucks


Black Otter Dwarf Rabbit - 36 Farm Bucks
Baby Black Otter Dwarf Rabbit - 19 Farm Bucks
Blue Jersey Giant Chicken - 36 Farm Bucks
Baby Blue Jersey Giant Chicken - 19 Farm Bucks
Crele Orpington Chicken - 34 Farm Bucks
Baby Crele Orpington Chicken - 17 Farm Bucks
Kinder Goat - 40 Farm Bucks
Baby Kinder Goat - 23 Farm Bucks


Barnyard Playset - 16 Farm Bucks
Children's Gym - 8 Farm Bucks
Giddy Up Swing Set - 18 Farm Bucks
Oinky Boingy - 18 Farm Bucks
Silo Playset - 2200
Tractor Playset - 14 Farm Bucks
Twist 'N Slide - 12 Farm Bucks

These items will be available in the game's store for the next 20 days. If additional items launch in the "Be a Kid Again" series, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of this new series of Be a Kid Again items in FarmVille 2? Which ones will you splurge some Farm Bucks on? Sound off in the comments!