Chesapeake Energy Declares a Raft of Dividends


Chesapeake Energy is continuing its streak of handing out money to shareholders. The company announced that it will distribute a dividend of $0.0875 per share of its common stock on April 30 to shareholders of record as of April 15. This amount matches that of Chesapeake's previous quarterly disbursements going back to June 2011. Before that, the company paid $0.075 per share.

The current common stock dividend annualizes to $0.35 per share. That yields 1.8% at Chesapeake's current stock price of $19.75.

The company also declared payouts for its convertible preferred stock. The 4.50% notes are to receive $1.125 per share on June 17 to holders as of June 3. The 5%, 5.75%, and 5.75% Series A notes will get per-share amounts of $1.25, $14.375, and $14.375, respectively. All three will be paid on May 15 to stockholders of record as of May 1.

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