Sprint to the rescue in Chillingo's Dream Chaser on iOS

As games in the endless runner genre continue to hold down top spots on the iTunes charts, Chillingo has added another option to the mix with Dream Chaser, a dark but beautiful game that looks more hectic than most.

Dream Chaser stars the night spirit Nito, challenged to collect Dream Orbs as he runs through or around obstacles in 26 story missions. Nito runs ever forward through some varied 3D environments, like a dark ravine and a glowing forest, and you'll be able to control Nito by simply tilting your iPhone to the left or right.

Power-ups and abilities will see you plowing through rocks in the path, jumping high over gaps, and even gliding over long distances, with extra power-ups being available to purchase in the store with Dream Orbs (or real money). It even looks like some visual customization options will be available to give Nito a special look.

Outside of the game's story missions, players will also be able to challenge themselves time and time again via the game's endless mode, which is all about survival. If Dream Chaser sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can now download the game for $0.99 on iPhone or iPad.

Download Dream Chaser for $0.99 on iTunes >

Have you tried Chillingo's Dream Chaser? If so, what do you think of this dark take on the endless runner? Sound off in the comments!

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