ChefVille 'Imported Delicacies' Land Expansion: Everything you need to know

For quite some time now, ChefVille players have been teased by the "Fine Foods Shop," a building that rests in a land expansion that was formerly locked until further notice. We were only able to guess as to the building's function, as it appears the building will offer Escargot to our restaurants, but we were never actually able to unlock this building and its plot of land... until now.

This land expansion is called "Imported Delicacies" and it's the second in a series of "Open Space" expansions that are currently only available for Chef Cash. The first of these expansions was launched back in February, and it contained flowers, rocks, and Mystery Crates at a price of 150 Chef Cash. This Imported Delicacies expansion contains the Fine Foods Shop, along with some flowers and bushes, and will set you back 200 Chef Cash.

If you purchase Chef Cash at its normal price, that 200 Chef Cash price equates to around $27 USD, and there's no telling when or if the expansion will ever be released for coins. Still, if you've got the money on hand and you're desperate for more land in your restaurant, this is one expensive option that's now available.

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