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Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare Tips & Tricks

Check out our tips and tricks for Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare, including screenshots with visual solutions to select puzzles.


  • In this game you have to find clues that will unlock each mystery. You will have to search different rooms for hidden clues, combine items in order to make them work and play various mini games in between.

  • You will see a glimmer appear when you are close to an object that you need to either pick up or open up.

  • At times you have to use one item in conjunction with another in order for the clue to work (like placing batteries inside the remote control). It is important when reading the walkthrough that you do certain things in the order that is described or it will not work. A good example of this is when you are placing the batteries in the remote, you have to pick up the batteries first and then the remote, not the other way around.

  • At the beginning of every level, look at the top right side of the screen and you will see blacked out shapes. These shapes represent the items you need to look for in the room, those are also considered your inventoried items. Once you've found all the items, the blacked out shapes will disappear.

  • To take an item over to inventory, you can either drag it there or click it twice to send it automatically.

  • You start off each chapter with a certain amount of time to complete the chapter. In this amount of time you have to solve the room puzzle and either one or two mini games within the time allotted. In addition to that each mini game may have 2 or more games that need to be solved before you can move on.

  • The small round blue lights on the right of the screen will tell you how close you are to completing a level. Some games have 2 or more steps needed in order to complete the game, sometimes as many as 10 steps.

  • There are a lot of mini games in between levels, most of them different. You need to complete the mini games in order to advance in the game. You have the ability to skip 2 mini games throughout the whole game so make sure to only skip only the ones that are hardest for you. I played the whole game without skipping a mini game and I was never able to earn an extra skip.

  • For the mini games it's important to look at the small video that is on the lower left hand corner. It will give you a brief video sample of what you need to do. It really helped me a lot at when I did not understand what they wanted me to do.

  • Once you've unlocked a mini game you can go back to the main menu at anytime and play it again. When you go back to play the mini games from the main menu, you will be able to enjoy more levels than you had originally on some of the games.

  • Hints take about 5 minutes off your clock, so use them only when you're absolutely stuck. When you click on the hint, it will show you a light around the item that you need to use next.


    SPOILER ALERT!!!!! This walkthrough contains solutions to all the room puzzles and most of the mini games. Some mini games have solutions while others will have just hints. We have provided solutions for the puzzles in the order that they appear. If you don't want to know the answers to the puzzles, please stop reading now.


    HOSPITAL Level 1

  • This one is fairly easy to solve, all you have to do is pick up the remote control that is to the right of the bed.

  • Pick up the batteries that are in the closet, against the back wall. Both items will now be in inventory.

  • Pick up the batteries and place them in the remote ( you have to do it in that order or it will not work).

  • Once the batteries are in, point and click the remote to the TV and it will turn on.

  • Listen to what the TV is saying, it talks about reading and picking up a book.

  • Pick up the book that is on the right side of the room and click on it.

    Surgical Markings (mini game) Level 2

  • Look at the top of the page and see what color loop they want you to make. Also look at the sample video that is located on the bottom left corner to see how it's done.

  • Move pieces to a central location, it doesn't matter where you move it to as long as you are able to complete a loop for the colors that you need.

  • Once several pieces are together, click them so you can rotate them to a correct position.

  • Play with different combinations in order to place the desired color to form the desired shape.

    Medicine Bottles (mini game) Level 3

  • The goal in this game is to move from the board by jumping over another piece.

  • In order to complete the game you need to have have 4 or less pieces left on the board.

  • The pegs can ONLY go horizontally or vertically over another adjacent peg into an empty slot.


    KITCHEN Level 4

  • Look for the mallet that is on the left side of the screen, close to the microwave.

  • Search on the left side of the room for the Piggy bank, click on it so it can expand.

  • Take the mallet and break open the piggy bank, there will be a coin inside.

  • Take the coin and scratch off the lottery ticket that is above the microwave.

  • You will see a message that tell you to look inside the microwave, click on the microwave and a cupcake will appear.

    Patterned Slots (mini game) Level 5

  • Your goal is to fill in the last symbol with the correct pattern.

  • You have to observe the pattern that is next to the lever and then figure out which piece completes it.

  • Once you've figured out the pattern, click on one of the symbols in any of the 3 rows below.

  • Example of a pattern: I will list the items in the order that they appear and the solution will be in parentheses.

  • Filled apple, filled banana, filled pear, empty pear, empty bananas (empty apple)


    KIDS ROOM Level 6

  • Look for the shapes that are on the top of the screen.

  • The square is located on the right side of the floor by the truck.

  • The triangle is on the left side, behind the colorful piano

  • The circle is on the bottom left side, next to the open book.

  • The star is on the bottom right hand corner, next to the wrapped box.

  • The tray with 4 shapes is located on the right side of the large chest.

  • Place all four shapes in their corresponding spots inside the tray.

  • A toy truck will appear, place it inside the toy chest.

  • Some musical notes will appear on top of the chest.

  • Duplicate the color of the notes on the piano that is on the left of the chest. Click the notes in the order that they appear, from left to right.

  • Red scissors will appear on top of the piano once the notes have been entered correctly.

  • Take the scissors and click them onto the wrapped box that is located on the bottom right hand corner.

  • Red shoes will appear inside the box.

    Toy Towers Level 7

  • "Moving one disc at a time, move the discs from the left tower to the right tower resulting in the same stack order. "

  • Only the disc that is on top can be moved.

  • A disc can be placed on an empty tower or on another disc that is larger than the disc being replaced.

    Peg Swap Level 8

  • Your goal here is to swap the places of the red and blue pegs so that they end up in their opposite corners.

  • Before you start you have to know which movements you are able to make.

  • The pegs cannot be moved backwards and cannot jump over the same color.

  • They CAN jump over a peg of the opposite color.

  • The solution for this game is as follows.

  • Move 1 red to the empty hole.

  • Move 2 blue by jumping one over the red one, and move the other blue one next to the red one.

  • Move 3 reds by jumping the last red one over a blue one with an empty space next to it. and move the next 2 red.

  • Keep following the routine with the next 4 moves.

  • Move 3 blues

  • Move 3 reds

  • Move 2 blues

  • Move 1 red


    Morgue Level 9

  • Click on the folder that is on the right side of the wall, pick up the tag.

  • Take the tag to the drawer marked number 7 , which is on the left wall and click on it.

  • If your screen is too dark, no. 7 is the first locker on the last row.

  • A piece of paper will appear.

  • Take the piece of paper to the XRAY machine and you will see a skull that has a key inside of it.

  • Take the key and click it on the drawer, on the lower right hand side which in turn will open the next drawer and there will be a note that says: "I'll meet you at 3:30 Love, E"

    Mortician's Tray (mini game) Level 10

  • You have click on one of the 4 sides of the tray in order to move the ball into the hole.

  • Use the stoppers on the tray to help you navigate the ball.

  • Every time the ball hits the stoppers, it will stay there until you make your next move.

  • If the ball falls off the tray, you must try again.

  • Here are the solutions for all 5 levels. Just click the tray as it appears in the solution.

  • Round one-Left, up, right, down, left.

  • Round two-Left, down, right, up, left.

  • Round three-Left, up, right, down.

  • Round four-Left, up right, down, left, up right, up.

  • Round five-Right, down, left, down, left, up, right, down. left, up, left, down.


    RESTAURANT Level 11

  • Click on the matchbook that is on the lower right hand corner.

  • Find the candle that is on the ceiling, close to the largest pillar in the room.

  • Click the matches onto the candle and you will see 3 numbers appear 4-5-2

  • Look for the phone wire that is on the left side of the screen, pick it up and place it on the telephone that is on the right side of the screen.

  • Use the phone on the right side of the screen and dial the numbers 4- 5-2.

  • An electronic hotel key will appear, click on it to pick it up.

    Moth and cockroaches (mini game) Level 12

  • Avoid the moth and cockroaches by maneuvering around them.

  • Moths are attracted to light and roaches are afraid of the light.

  • Click on adjacent tiles to move.

  • Click on the candle to snuff it when you are close to a moth since they are attracted to light.

  • Click on the flameless candle when you are near a roach since they are repelled by light.

    Candy Sudoku (mini game) Level 13


    Most people who've played Sudoku know the rules but for those of you who don't, here they are:

  • A color can only appear only once per 3 x 3 block, row, or column.

  • Click on an empty spot and a plate holding numbers will appear.

  • The numbers on the plate are the only possible combinations available.

  • If you see more than one number choose one carefully by looking at what is in the 3 x 3 block, column or row.

  • If you have only one color, then that is your only possible choice.

  • Try to fill the rows that have the most colors in them first.


    MEDICAL EXAM Level 14

  • Click on the side of the machine, where you see a white label and it will ask you for a last name.

  • With your keyboard type in the letters "D A L E", which is Floras last name, then click OK

  • There is a purse on the right side of the white safe.

  • Click on the purse and a brush will appear in your inventory.

  • Place the brush on the table that is directly in front of the big light.

  • Take the roll of paper that came out of the scanner and place it on the printer. The printer is located directly in front of the light.

  • A piece of paper will appear.

  • The numbers will read 23,37,54 and 39.

  • The level is completed, you will use those numbers in the next chapter.

    Tangled Memories Level 15

  • Unscramble the neurons so that none of the connecting stands intersect.

  • Move around the pieces until the whole thing turns blue.

  • You can look at the screenshots to see what the solutions look like.


    THE SAFE Level 16

  • Pick up the magnifying glass that is under the wooden chair on the left side of the room.

  • Take the small hammer that is inside the box on the right side of the screen.

  • Place the hammer onto the white vase to smash it and a key will appear inside of it.

  • Take the key and click it onto the drawer, and the drawer will open.

  • Take the magnifying glass and look inside the drawer, you will see a set of numbers( 23,37,54 and 39)

    Click on the image of the moon that is on the framed picture that is in the middle of the wall, a safe will appear.

  • Enter the numbers 23, 37, 54 and 39 into the safe and a truck will appear.

  • It doesn't matter which way you spin the dial as long as the numbers are correct.

    • If you make a mistake entering the numbers, just press the "undo" button.

      Lock Sequence Level 17

    • You have to rotate the dials so that the numbers are arranged from lowest to highest, reading left to right, top to bottom.

    • Click on a dial to rotate it.

    • The number that intersects between both locks can be changed. Use them to switch the numbers between the dials.

    • Look at the screenshots for the lock sequence, to see what it needs to look like in order for you to finish the level.

      Flawed memories Level 18

    • This is basically a "find the differences" puzzle.

    • You need to compare both sides of the picture and find often slight variations between both.

      CHAPTER 8

      POLICE STATION Level 19

    • Pick up the battery that is on the left bench, then pick up the gun that is on the other bench.

    • While both pieces are in inventory, click the batteries unto the gun ( not the other way around)

    • The battery will charge the gun.

    • Click on the coffee machine to enlarge it, it is located on the far right side of the back wall.

    • Once the coffee machine is enlarged, click the gun onto it.

    • A set of keys will appear on the coffee machine.

    • Click the open door that is on the far left to enlarge it.

    • Once it's enlarged, click the keys unto the lock.

    • Pick up the street sign that appears.

    • Level is complete.

      DUI Repeat (mini game) Level 20

    • This is basically a Simon Says game. A pattern of lights will blink on the board and you have to reproduce it in the order that it appears.

    • Have a piece of paper next to you and write down the first color to appear. Let's say for example purposes that it is blue.

    • The next sequence will automatically flash blue again and the second color which we will say is green.

    • Write down green next to your color sequence. Now it should say blue/green.

    • Next sequence will start with the same first two colors and it will stop at the third new color which will be green again.

    • Write down green next to the last green that you wrote.

    • Now the 3 colors you should have written down is blue/green/green.

      This will repeat until you get to the last color.

    • All you have to remember is that it repeats the previous colors all over again until you get to the last one.

    • Pay special attention to the last color.

    • If you mess up it may start all over again with a new color sequence.

      CHAPTER 9

      LIVING ROOM Level 21

    • Click on the cabinet that is to the left of the fireplace (You have to click the left side of the cabinet in order for it to work)

    • A bottle will appear inside the cabinet, pick it up.

    • Click on the pillow that is on the couch and there will be a rope underneath it.

    • Take the rope and place it on the curtains.

    • A lighter will appear on the bottom right hand corner of the window.

    • Take the bottle and place it in the fireplace, then take the lighter and place it on the fireplace as well. ( not the other way around)

    • As soon as the flames subside, click inside the fireplace and pick up a set of car keys.

      Pickup eight (mini game) Level 22

    • Form 2 squares that do not touch each other by removing 8 matchsticks.

    • We have a screenshot for the solution but the solution is very simple:

    • Just click all the parts in the middle except the one that forms a small square dead in the center.

    • At the end you should have a small 'floating' square inside of a large square.

      Tea lights (mini game) Level 23

    • You have to turn 3 glasses upside down at a time until you have all 11 candles upside down.

    • The candles do not have to be next to each other for you to turn them down.

    • Here is a set of solutions: 1-2-3/ 3-4-5/ 6-7-8/ 8-9-10/ 3-8-11

      CHAPTER 10

      THE CAR Level 24

    • The voice tells you that there is something in the seat.

    • Pick up the small hammer that is on the floor of the passenger seat, next to the gear shift.

    • Click on the window opener that is on the passenger seat, the number 103. 3 will appear.

    • Tune the radio to station 103. 3

    • Click on the button of the CD player and a CD will come out.

    • Take the hammer and click it onto the CD

    • Take the broken CD over to the lowest part of the passenger seat and it will rip up the seat.

    • Pick up the key that appears once the seats are torn and take the key over to the glove compartment.

    • A matchbox from "the Beaconlight Motel" will appear, click it into inventory.

      Broken Radio (mini game) Level 25

    • Press all the buttons on the number pad down.

    • Your goal is to turn all the numbers green by pressing on the buttons.

    • I got lucky on this one I pressed reset a couple of times and all the buttons showed up green

    • Since the puzzle was not solving itself at that point, I pressed the number 2 once to change a set of numbers.

    • Then pressed the number 2 again to return it back to it's original green form.

      CHAPTER 11

      THE STORE Level 26

    • Click on the money that is on the right side of the counter,in front of the fridge, above the freezer.

    • There is a lottery dispenser in the middle of the counter, click on it and it will expand.

    • A price of $2. 49 will appear.

    • Click the cash register so that the numbers will be enlarged.

    • Enter $2. 49 into the cash register by pressing the buttons in this order. . . . (2) ( decimal point) (4) (9) and then click on the "sum" button

    • The cash register drawer opens up, take a penny from it. The penny is next to the $100 dollar bill.

    • Take the money you put into inventory at the beginning of the round and place it in the register.

    • A key will appear inside the register, click it onto the lottery dispenser and take the lottery ticket.

    • Pick up the lottery ticket that is on top and place it in inventory.

    • In this order- take the penny and place it on the lottery ticket to scratch it.

    • Pick up the scratched lottery ticket and the level will end.

      Taro Pairs (mini game) Level 27

    • This is a memory game. Click on the cards to flip them and find all the matching pairs.

    • The cards will stay face up every time you make a correct match.

    • Play and win 2 rounds to get through this game.

      Matchsticks (mini games) Level 28

      1 (Before / After)


      2 (Before/After)


      3 (Before/After)


      4 (Before/After)


      5 (Before/After)

    • Follow the instructions on which shapes you need to make.

    • Look at the screenshots for the solutions to all 5 matchstick puzzles.

    • The yellow arrows are the pieces that need to be moved and the white lines are where they need to be placed.

      CHAPTER 12

      THE CLOSET Level 29

    • Click on the shoe polish paste that is on the left side of the closet floor.

    • Click that shoe polish onto the engraving that is above the knob on the left closet door.

    • Click the key that is inside the 'right pair' of red loafers.

    • There is a box that is on the lower right hand corner, click the key onto the box.

    • A pair of scissors will appear once you open the box.

    • Take the scissors from the box and click the scissors onto the pair of pants that are on the right side of the closet.

    • Click on the pants that fell on the floor and a black item will appear in it's place.

    • Click that black piece over the engraving on the left closet door.

    • Once the polish and the black piece have been put on the left door you will see a set of numbers appear.

    • The numbers are hard to read, it should say 6-4-2

    • Click on the suitcase on the floor and enter the combination 6-4-2.

    • Once the briefcase opens up pick up the bra that is inside of it.

      Too many shoes (mini game) Level 30

    • You have to move all the black shoes to the right side and all the red shoes to the left side.

    • Click only one pair of shoes at a time.

    • Grab the shoes and decide where you want to place them by looking at which box or boxes highlight themselves.

    • The only place you can put the shoes is where a shadowy figure of a shoe shows up inside one of the boxes.

    • Shoes cannot move past each other.

    • The box in the middle is crucial since it helps you move the shoes around.

      You will have to at some point move certain shoes back to their original side before they can cross over totally.

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