FarmVille 2 Fabulous French Gardens Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know

While the main focus behind the Fabulous French Gardens theme in FarmVille is of course flowers, there are also three new limited edition cooking recipes to be on the lookout for as well. These recipes may not technically use any of the items released in this theme, but they are inspired by French dishes and cooking, so we suppose it fits. Either way, we're here with a complete guide to creating the three new recipes in this Fabulous French Gardens theme, so let's get started!

The first recipe is the Apple Tarte Tartin, which is created using 15 Apples and three Flour per batch. The Flour is created by combining Wheat in bulk, and you'll receive 2,060 coins for each one of these Tartes that you make and sell. You'll also receive 15 XP for each one you create, which isn't bad considering that most of us probably have an ample supply of Apples to go around. The second recipe is the Crusted Creme Brûlée, which is made by combining five Sugar with 14 Eggs. These Sugars are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends for help. You'll receive 14 XP for each Custard Creme Brûlée that you create, and you can sell a single one for 2,500 coins. Again, this is a pretty great return on your investment, since Eggs are another item that most players likely have a ton of.The final recipe is the Lemon Madeleine, a recipe that's created using 12 Lemons and two Batter. Each Batter is made using Wheat, Flour, and Eggs, and a single Lemon Madeleine rewards you with 16 XP when it's created. You can sell each one for 2,010 coins.These recipes will be available for crafting for the next 22 days, so make sure to take this opportunity to use some of your saved resources to earn some nice bundles of coins.

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What do you think of these new recipes in the Fabulous French Gardens theme? Will you use all of your saved Lemons, Eggs, and Apples to create these dishes in bulk, or will you keep your reserves on hand for other things? Sound off in the comments!

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