Mahjongg Dimensions celebrates nature with the Living Planet Collection [Exclusive]


Since most of us start thinking about nature, flowers, and other plants when April and Spring rolls around, it only makes sense that the folks at Arkadium would do the same in their hit Facebook game Mahjongg Dimensions Blast. However, instead of just April rain showers and flowers, we're seeing Arkadium celebrate the entirety of nature with the game's newest Living Planet Collection. This Collection comes with five Boosts and Puzzles that can be collected for a limited time.

The first item, the Amazon Rainforest Puzzle, will be free to send to your friends on April 8. Your friends can also (obviously) send one back to you as well. In addition, a Great Barrier Reef Puzzle will also become available on April 8. On April 15, both the Serengeti and Polar Ice Boosts will become available. At that point, players that have collected all four of these items will be given a free Life on Earth VIP Boost. This collection will only be available until April 22.

This Collection is also particularly important for a different reason, as the game's fans were able to help create the Amazon Rainforest Puzzle. Like other puzzles, these boosts offer simpler puzzles with less symbols so that players can earn a ton of points in a short amount of time, but this one was themed after fan voting on what their favorite animal might be. The winner was the elegant Jaguar, and we'll see that reflected inside the game.

Again, this Living Planet Collection will start rolling out in Mahjongg Dimensions Blast on April 8, so make sure to login to the game then to get started!

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