FarmVille 2 Heirloom Crafting Kiln Recipes: Everything you need to know


Back in February, Zynga released the first set of Heirloom Recipes in FarmVille 2. These recipes were incredibly limited edition, giving players only a few days to create items for XP and coins. Now, a second set of extremely time-limited recipes has been released in the game's Crafting Kiln. We're here with a look at these three recipes, so let's get started!

The first recipes is the Stained Glass Butterfly, which can be created using one Metal Frame and four pieces of Glass. The Glass is earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors to send you some. A single Stained Glass Butterfly can be sold for 500 coins, but the bigger prize here is the 58 XP you'll receive for creating a single one.

The second recipe is a Blue Plate, which is created using one Blue Glaze and two Terracotta. Both of these items require crafting with the Blue Glaze being created by combining Blueberries and Mud, and the Terracotta coming from Mud and Wool. Each one of these Blue Plates can be sold for 500 coins, but you'll receive 95 XP for creating a single one.

The final recipe in this trio is the Glass Hummingbird, which is created using one Blue Glaze and one Fired Glass. A single piece of Fired Glass is created using a batch of Porcelain and three Pieces of Glass. The Porcelain is made using four units of Mud. A single Glass Hummingbird is worth just another 500 coins, and you'll receive 89 XP for each one you create.

Remember, when you create any recipe inside the Crafting Kiln, you'll boost the double XP meter. When filled, you'll have a limited amount of time to earn double the XP on all of the recipes you create inside this Kiln. If you focus on creating extra units of each of these recipes, you could very quickly boost yourself to the next level, potentially unlocking new items in the store or even a new land expansion for your farm. Good luck!

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What do you think of these new Heirloom Crafting Kiln recipes in FarmVille 2? How many of each have you created so far? Sound off in the comments!