FarmVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Build paths to get around

In the time since FarmVille 2's launch, farm decorations have never been as big of a driving factor behind the game as they are in the original version of Zynga's farming game. Sure, you can purchase decorations that give your farm a personalized touch, but the real heart of the matter is the farming and crafting of various objects across the game's Kitchen, Workshop, and Kiln. Now though, Zynga has started updating the game to make true farm decoration much more appealing. For instance, players can now build paths on the ground that their own avatar and visitor avatars can walk on.

Via this update, placing any sort of flat item on the ground will allow that item to be interactive, as avatars will walk on top of bricks, wooden paths, tiles, and more. This also includes small Bridges, like the White Wood Bridge that costs 6,300 coins to purchase in the store. While this might not seem like a huge change, it actually changes the game in two ways for decorators.

Before this update, placing these sorts of items in the farm meant sacrificing the space solely for the sake of decorating the farm. The land became useless and the decorations just "sat there." Now though, the decorations can be used as actual pathways for your farmer to cross into an area that might be otherwise blocked off with fencing and it also stops the constant jumping of avatars if they need to cross these lines. Our gameplay isn't really affected by this, but I know I'll personally prefer seeing avatars walk around like normal people rather than jumping around like bunnies.

Hopefully, this is just the first of many design updates in FarmVille 2 that make decorating a funner and more user-friendly experience. Stay tuned for more!

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