If EA wins 'Worst Company in America' again , I don't want to live on this planet anymore

EA Worst Company in America
EA Worst Company in America

It looks like EA is in the running to earn the less-than-prestigious title of "Worst Company in America" for a second consecutive year, currently in the semifinal round of The Consumerist's popular poll tournament with Ticketmaster. EA is the company responsible for the SimCity debacle, pursuing microtransactions perhaps where they shouldn't belong and countless other issues that gamers clearly feel quite passionate about.

EA's own Peter Moore has responded to his company's potentially imminent "victory" in a blog post on the publisher's corporate site, putting his neck out there to defend various stances and admit that EA "can do better" to please its customers. So, why the rash reaction from this editor? It's not that EA is even a part of this tournament, and this is by no means a defense of the company. (EA has done quite enough in the past year to earn its shot at the Golden Poo Award.)

It's that EA has made it this far among companies that actually affect the livelihood of the American people--companies like Sallie Mae that still take great advantage of the loan crash a decade ago to slap enormous interest rates on student loans. Companies like Bank of America, that have tried to rake it in on egregious increases in interest rates and selling off toxic mortgages. You know, companies that try to pull a fast one on the American people on the regular in ways that actually matter?

But no, a vocal minority of disgruntled nerds have decided to derail the discussion to make sure that a video game publisher earns that award above companies that actually turn a profit at our expense. That's not to say EA hasn't done its share of dirty deeds, but when stacked up against the competition that The Consumerist has presented it with, it pales in comparison.

Welcome to the Internet, a place where a company that sells video games is considered worse than those that have the U.S. economy in a vice grip and take advantage of that fact at every turn. Sign me up for that first manned flight to Mars, please.

[Via Joystiq]

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