FarmVille Hanging Gardens: Explore and uncover new worlds of farming

FarmVille Hanging GardensThis week, FarmVille started rolling out a new Hanging Gardens farm. Hold on a second, a new FarmVille farm already?! Well, sort of. FarmVille Hanging Gardens is a new FarmVille mini-expansion. Think of it as Sunflower Meadows with more of a purpose and unique experience for farmers. It borrows some familiar attributes from regular full-sized FarmVille farms, but on a smaller scale and with treasure hunting in mind. Before we get into the juicy details, note that this new farm is on a slow roll out, so not every player has access yet. If you are still waiting to travel, hold tight and in the meantime read on for the scoop on everything you need to know about Hanging Gardens.

Welcome to Hanging Gardens
The first piece of good news is that Hanging Gardens is free! There is no paid early access and soon every farmer will be able to travel there for free and without having to pay Farm Cash.

So if Hanging Gardens isn't a real full versioned farm- what's the point? Hanging Gardens offers a new challenge and area of gameplay that you can participate in at your own pace. It's something new in FarmVille that may spark your interest and if it doesn't that's okay too. Keep in mind, it's also an opportunity to snag some free rewards such as exclusive decorations, animals, trees, and useful items such as Insta-Grow for your FarmVille farms. And what you're probably wondering- at what cost? How much time, work, and effort will you have to contribute to Hanging Gardens is up to you, but simply farming as usual on any of your FarmVille farms allows you to progress in Hanging Gardens.

Upon arriving in FarmVille Hanging Gardens, you will be greeted by Farmer Bob who serves as your tour guide to the new farm space. He'll show you around and how things work and even help you clear your first plot of tall grass.
FarmVille Hanging GardensExploring the World of Hanging Gardens & Uncovering Treasures
Listen up, FarmVille treasure hunters- Hanging Gardens is covered in tall grass. Hidden beneath the plots of tall grass are exclusive rewards waiting to be uncovered and put to good use on your farm. It's your job to clear the weeds and restore the land to its former beauty and to do it you'll need lots of Golden Trowels. The treasure hunting in Hanging Gardens works similar to uncovering treasure on any of the recent FarmVille destination farms. Here, each plot of tall grass is like a treasure chest in FarmVille Atlantis. To clear the plot of tall grass you will need a certain number of Golden Trowels.

Golden Trowels can be found while you are farming any of your FarmVille farms or also crafted in your Hanging Gardens Tool Shed using the Golden Trowel recipe.

Every time you plow, plant, or harvest any crop on any of your FarmVille farms you can find Golden Trowels. Additionally, whenever you harvest any of your FarmVille animal pens or Orchards, you can also find Golden Trowels. The Golden Trowels you find while farming will automatically be added to your Golden Trowel inventory in Hanging Gardens and are available for use there. They do not go to your FarmVille Gift Box. If you opt to craft Golden Trowels using your Garden Tool Shed, at first you can only craft twenty Golden Trowels at a time. Then, as you level-up your crafting you will unlock the ability to craft Golden Trowels in batches of forty and eighty. To craft Golden Trowels you will need to stock up on the following ingredients as required by its recipe listed below.

FarmVille Golden Trowel 20 Batch Recipe
  • Turmeric bushels x 3
  • Amber Grain bushels x 3
  • Golden Ore bushels x 4

For more info on the Golden Trowel recipe and other Garden Tool Shed recipes, click here. Hanging Gardens presents itself as a series of stages that must be unlocked in order and each stage requires more Golden Trowels as you progress. You will also need to restore broken bridges that connect the stages. Here's the order you will need to unlock the stages.

Hanging Gardens' Stages
  1. Botanical
  2. Aztec
  3. Jade
  4. World
  5. Gem
  6. Final
Each stage of Hanging Gardens has a different theme that coordinates with the treasures that you uncover per stage. Once a stage is cleared, it's up to you what you want to do with the space. You can farm there or decorate as you please. Hanging Gardens is equipped with its own Storage Cellar that is linked to all your other storage buildings in FarmVille. This means there is no need for a Shipping License to Hanging Gardens! You can use any of your old stored items at will. Another incentive to beat Hanging Gardens- if you complete all the stages, Hanging Gardens can be harvested for one Insta-Grow per week! Who can complain about that? Zynga made some good moves on this new mini farm feature-- making it free, providing a new incentive for farming in general on any FarmVille farm, packing it with exclusive gifts, and foregoing a Shipping License for comprehensive storage. Kudos, big Z.

For more information on FarmVille Hanging Gardens, read here.

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