FarmVille Hanging Garden Farm Arrives!

FarmVille Hanging Gardens farm is here and it's available for free! Please note, this feature is on a slow roll out to all farmers. If you do not have access yet, hold tight as you soon will.

Here's a first look at FarmVille's upcoming Hanging Gardens farm.

In FarmVille Hanging Gardens you are invited to help restore the gardens and get exclusive rewards such as Instant Grow and other fun prizes for your farm. Think of Hanging Gardens as a new take on a FarmVille mini farm. It's sort of like the mini farm expansions, but with more details. Each time you plant and harvest crops, harvest your animal pens, or harvest your Orchard on any of your FarmVille farms you will receive Golden Trowels. Golden Trowels are then used to uncover rewards in FarmVille Hanging Gardens.

Hanging Garden will also offer its own unique items such as animals, trees, decorations as well as treasures and also some exclusive rewards for you to unlock. Of course with any new farm, there's also new crops and recipes to master. Oh yeah. Even more exciting there's something special for FarmVille Pegasus lovers- a new Pegasus Breeding Pen for all your FarmVille Pegasi.

Check back for the complete FarmVille Freak guide on Hanging Gardens farm!

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