ChronoBlade's story runs deep in this new game trailer


A couple of months ago, we were given our first glimpse of Chronoblade, nWay's upcoming Facebook and mobile beat-em-up that looks beautiful in both its graphical presentation and its expected gameplay. Now, the folks at nWay have released a new trailer for the game that focuses more on the backstory of the experience rather than anything else.

We've learned that Chronoblade takes place in the Multiverse, where countless Earths exist across different versions of reality. Through various technological advancements, a group called the Chronarch Imperium has set out to destroy these multiple Earths. Using similar technology, you'll jump into the shoes of a customizable hero that can jump between dimensions to learn more about the evil forces of the Chronarch Imperium, and save each version of Earth (and the rest of the galaxy) before it's too late.

Combine this new trailer with the game's previously released information (like how we'll be able to customize our character with multiple types of armor and weapons, and how we'll be able to upgrade our hero via a skill tree), and nWay has created a game that now rests comfortably at the top of our most-anticipated list. For more info, check out the game's official website, where you can also sign up to participate in the beta.

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