Bitcoin Buyers, Beware: Consider These 5 Classic Asset Bubbles

Bubbles - Japanese stock Market
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Until recently, many people had never heard of Bitcoin. But the hyperbolic rise in the price of the digital crypto-currency -- from $5 as recently as mid-2012 to more than $100 recently -- has captured broader attention as financial crises (most recently the one on Cyprus) continue to make markets and investors nervous about traditional, government-issued currencies.

Proponents argue that the rise in Bitcoin's value and use marks a lack of confidence in those fiat currencies whose value is under the influence of central bankers and politicians. Skeptics point back at a long line of economic bubbles as they predict an eventual plunge in Bitcoin prices.

Economic history is on the side of the skeptics. Let's take a look at five other assets that gained even more intense interest among speculators and ordinary investors before their bubbles burst, sending prices back down to earth.


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