CoasterVille Achievements: Everything you need to know


Since there's so much for players to constantly work on in CoasterVille, Zynga has decided to offer more rewards to players for continuing to come back day after day. As you make progress in your own theme park, you'll now be able to earn a variety of achievements in the new Achievements menu.

This Achievements menu is represented by the gold and purple ribbon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Every achievement is worth a certain number of points, so that you can compare your progress with your friends, and every achievement is also detailed with a brief explanation of how to earn it.

Thankfully, all of your progress up until this release has been carried over, so you'll likely have at least a dozen or more achievement rewards waiting for you when this feature rolls out. That's right, not only will you receive points for earning achievements, but you'll also receive prizes like coins and other goodies locked in Mystery Boxes. For instance, a Bronze Mystery Gift might contain a bundle of Goods. You'll need to claim each of your prizes manually by clicking on the "Completed" button inside the Achievement menu.

You can also check how close you are to your next award by looking at the green bars underneath most achievement icons. For instance, the "You Spin Me Right Round" achievement can be completed by having 10 attractions at Level 4 or higher, so you'll be able to see how close you are to completing that achievement by simply clicking on it in the menu.

After you've caught up with your previously unlocked achievements, you'll know when you've received another thanks to the small fireworks display that takes place over the feature's ribbon icon, and a notification number letting you know that a prize is available. More achievements will likely be rolled out in the future, so make sure to complete as many as you can now to stay ahead of the game.

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What do you think of this new Achievements feature in CoasterVille? How many of the game's achievements did you earn before this feature ever fully rolled out? Let us know in the comments!