ChefVille Spices Head Chef Challenge: Everything you need to know


If you've been cooking extra dishes in ChefVille just so that you could earn points in the Coins Head Chef Challenge, you can now take a break from that. The challenge has ended and the prizes have been rewarded, but the Head Chef Challenge isn't taking a rest just yet. Instead, a third challenge has been released surrounding two of the most common ingredients in ChefVille: Salt and Pepper.

The "Spices Head Chef Challenge" will see you earning points for each and every dish you cook that contains Salt or Pepper as an ingredient. Whether the dish requires one or more of each of these Spices makes no difference, as you'll still receive one point per overall dish cooked. Unfortunately, the prizes are pretty hard to earn, thanks to some lofty requirements, but most players should be able to earn at least the most basic prize in this Challenge. Here's the rundown:

10 Points ---> 5 Free Energy
70 Points ---> 7 Free Spices
250 Points ---> 2 Head Chef Challenge Crates

Again, just so we're clear, these Head Chef Challenge Crates won't be available until you've cooked 250 individual dishes with either Salt or Pepper (any combination of the two), which is an incredibly huge task given the short event time limit of just six days.

Either way, as we said above, all players will likely end up earning the free energy from this event, even if they earn it without really trying (simply because Salt and Pepper are required in so many dishes). If you'd like to go after the rest of these prizes, we wish you the best of luck in actually earning them!

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What do you think of this new Spices Head Chef Challenge? Will you go out of your way to earn these new prizes? Let us know in the comments!

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