Bethesda is Rebooting Doom 4 Development

bathesda, reboot, doom 4
bathesda, reboot, doom 4

Despite Doom 4 having been in development since sometime in 2008, Bethesda has announced that a "new version," is in the works, after it was decided that the previous five years of work were too mediocre to continue with.

According to some, the game had become very Call of Duty like, with lots of big set pieces with waves of enemies running towards the player and there was the obligatory driving scene where the AI drives the character along while they man a big gun of some kind mounted on the back. You know, the usual fair.

It had apparently got so bad that many developers were calling it Call of Doom.

The problem, according to one Kotaku source, is that while developer id software has a lot of talented people, its management structure was too distracted by Rage development, release and subsequent DLC offerings. Now that those people have come back around to Doom 4 development, they've realised something is horribly wrong.

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