Battle during both day and night in Battle Towers on Android

While many of Game Insight's mobile games deal with city-building, farming, or even hidden object gameplay, the company's newest offering, Battle Towers, offers something a bit different. Battle Towers is a real-time strategy game, offering dozens of single player missions in a world filled with magic and monsters.

Battle Towers keeps some of the feeling of a simulation game though, as players will be able to build a base of operations by balancing the use of resources that can be used to either build new items or upgrade existing structures. This too comes with strategy, however, as players must determine the proper use for their materials. The question then becomes: should you spend your resources on soldiers that can be spent into battle, or should you upgrade your defenses first? Or, should you simply focus on magical powers and dominate the field with magic instead?


Battle Towers comes with a unique day and night cycle that can tip the favor of battle in your favor, if you learn to capitalize upon the in-game clock. Some units are stronger during the nighttime hours, while others are weaker, and vice versa. Learning these strengths and weaknesses will help you become a dominant force on the battlefield, especially as battles overall become more complicated as you go along.

Battle Towers will launch on Android later this week. Check back with us then for a full review.

Are you excited to try Battle Towers on Android? What do you think of mobile real-time strategy games? Sound off in the comments!

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