Zynga has a MOBA now, too, thanks to Wyrmbyte's Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans
Dragons and Titans

Yup, we know, it was only a matter of time. FarmVille maker Zynga has announced a publishing partnership with independent game studio Wyrmbyte to help bring its free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Dragons and Titans, to Facebook later this month. The full 3D fantasy action game (a la League of Legends) will expand to other platforms soon after.

Wyrmbyte looks to create a MOBA (first popularized by a player-made WarCraft 3 mod known as Defense of the Ancients) for mid-to-hardcore players that leverages the broad reach of web browsers. In Dragons and Titans, two groups of five players will do battle, each leading one of 17 unique dragons wielding one of 16 weapons. Of course, these winged beasts will grow in strength over time and learn new abilities as a match progresses as well as across several matches.

"After years of playing and building games online, I realized there is a lack of highly-polished, real-time multiplayer games available to play completely within a standard web browser," Wyrmbyte founder and president Scott Brown said in a release. "I saw this opportunity and assembled a killer team to fill this gaping hole with our first title, Dragons and Titans."

Smart move, Brown. The plan here is to update Dragons and Titans on Facebook on a weekly basis, and eventually create a cross-platform MOBA experience--likely one in which players across platforms play together in real time. That said, Wyrmbyte also plans to include a single-player mode for when your buddies aren't around. Speaking of which, the biggest hurdle here is getting those buddies off of League of Legends for five minutes to give Dragons and Titans a shot.

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