Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite Way to Watch Movies?

Watching a movie at home

It seems like Netflix is rarely out of the news these days. Only a few months ago, analysts were ringing a death knell for the video service, citing overly quick growth, increased competition, rising costs, and a host of other problems. On Tuesday, though, the company managed to fight its way to the top of the S&P 500, suggesting that, for the time being at least, Netflix isn't going anywhere.

In fact, most Netflix stories these days are incredibly rosy, focusing on the company's increased slate of original programming, its partnerships with some of Hollywood's top talent, and its expansion into the cloud. The company's battles with its subscribers -- which threatened to tank the company a few years ago -- even seem to have evaporated.

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But is Netflix the best bet for watching movies and TV shows? To answer the question, we've decided to ask you -- our readers -- for your thoughts. What are your experiences with DVD rentals and streaming video? Do you have any great money saving stories to tell? What about horror stories? Do you use Netflix, or are you weighing the alternatives? We'd like to know.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below; alternately, you can e-mail me at, or send me a tweet at @bruce1971.

Thanks for your thoughts!