Nimble Quest cheats and tips

Nimble Quest It would appear that NimbleBit has another iPhone and iPad success on its digital hands with Nimble Quest, a cute mobile effort that blends Snake with dungeon crawling. The concept involves building a small army of adventurers in the hope of killing monsters and hoarding loot, while at the same time avoiding walls and other hazards. It's free-to-play, smartly designed and addictive. It's also a big pain in the butt, which is why we have some Nimble Quest cheats and tips.

-Always protect the leader. If he or she dies, it's game over. Conversely, destroying an enemy leader will kill all of the monsters within that group.
Nimble Quest
-Think of your next move(s) carefully. It's easy to pin your warriors against a wall and enemies, leaving them in grave danger.

-Slaughtering bad guys fills the progress bar at the top of the screen, which lets you know how close you are to beating the level.

-Gems, heroes and power-ups eventually disappear, so don't leave these things lying around.

-If you choose an archer as the team leader, keep in mind that he needs to face enemies to fire arrows.

-Instead of attacking enemies head-on, arrange the group so it runs parallel to your intended targets, allowing mages and pirates to attack without taking damage.

-Spider webs temporarily slow everyone down, but disappear after a few seconds.

-Once you clear a level, pick up as many gems as possible before time expires. Don't worry about hitting walls.


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