FarmVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Expand your Mud Wallow

Over the months, Zynga has released several creative ways for farmers to update the look of items within FarmVille 2 without actually updating the items. Most of these releases deal with slight optical illusions, as you may place items next to each other to create something new visually, while each individual piece remains the same.

A similar ability has been released surrounding the new Mud Wallow, as you can purchase Mud Patches and Pig Fences to "expand" the Mud Wallow, without really expanding it. A single Mud Patch can be purchased for 1,500 coins, while a piece of low "Pig Fence" costs 3 Farm Bucks.

If that sounds confusing, it's actually pretty simple in practice. Since the Mud Wallow has a flooring of mud, placing these Mud Patches right next to the Mud Wallow will make it appear as though that mud flooring extends farther than it does. Similarly, placing the Pig Fence next to the fence of the actual Mud Wallow will make it appear as though the fence is connected and that the entire Mud Wallow actually expands to this new fence line.

If you fill in a large area on your farm with these Mud Patches and Pig Fences, you can move your Pigs into that area to create a home for them, further enhancing the look. You can see an example of this design idea in the image above, thanks to Zynga. While this new muddy land won't actually change the function of anything on your farm (as of this writing), your pigs will animate on top of the mud, rolling around and having a blast.

Thankfully, there's no time limit for purchasing these items in the store, so feel free to wait until you have enough free land space to use for this purpose before actually setting things up.

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Have you found any other similar design tricks in FarmVille 2? Will you create this larger look for the Mud Wallow in your farm? Sound off in the comments!
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