Former Zynga Austin GM launches Elements: Broken Lands on iOS


Former Zynga Austin VP and GM Ryan Busey has been busy in the time away from Zynga, as he has joined with the folks at Chaotic Moon Studios to form a new mobile gaming company: Team Chaos. Team Chaos has just announced the launch of its first mobile game, as "Elements: Broken Lands" will launch players into a fantasy themed world filled with hundreds of collectible equipment cards, creature cards, and more.

Elements takes place in the world of Arastia, formerly a massive battleground for "powerful elemental creatures" that fell into ruin after war tore the four Kingdoms of Arastia to shreds. Now little more than corrupt islands, players will work to return Arastia to its former glory by collecting cards and battling against others in this free-to-play experience.

"The rise of CCGs on mobile has been incredible," said Busey, via a company release. "One of our objectives in crafting Elements has been evolving the ease of use and raising the quality level of this genre on mobile. Our past experience building these types of games combined with the amazing advancement in mobile technology has allowed us to build a visually stunning game that is both accessible and deeply strategic."


Elements contains over a dozen continents to explore, with thousands of maps and battles to complete along the way. If you're ready to take the fight to other real-world players, you can climb the in-game ladder by going head-to-head with players all around the world. Thankfully, players will be matched up based on skill, rather than random draw, so a new player won't have to worry about being dominated by a veteran.

Elements is now available to download for free on both iPhone and iPad. Check out the screenshots above for more info.

Download Elements: Broken Lands on iOS >

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