ChefVille Cheats & Tips: Store these items in your Greenhouse

As we work to build the Greenhouse in ChefVille and unlock new storage slots, we've found that it can actually be a bit hard to fill this item with goodies. Sure, ingredient stalls will glow if they're eligible to be stored, but let's face it: many of us have restaurants that are less than perfectly organized, and it can be hard to spot even glowing items when they're buried behind so many others.

Thankfully, Zynga has released a full list of the 26 different items that can currently be stored inside the Greenhouse. While the Greenhouse can only have 25 items in it, in total, many of the eligible items are those that only offer Mixed Greens, so it's unlikely that you have a large collection of each of these. Either way, here's the full breakdown of the items that can be stored inside the Greenhouse so that you can plan ahead.

American Express Serve Tree
Artichoke Stall
Asparagus Stall
Basil Plant
Carrot Bushel Basket
Diner Plant
Pineapple Stall
Potted Azelea
Potted Geranium
Potted Sunflower
Red Pepper Planter
Salad Bouquet
Sedge Grass
Soybean Stall
Star Taste Garden
Starter Plant
Sweet Potato Shelf
Tomato Plant
Tofu Market Stand
Zuccini Wheelbarrow
Cranberry Crate
Lettuce stand

Now that we have this list of storable items, we can head into our inventories and pull out any of the items we may have stored (as part of our limited 50 units of storage) and store them within the Greenhouse instead. This may allow you to store some larger decorations that you simply couldn't before, clearing up even more land for other things. In addition, Zynga is apparently working on making additional items compatible with this Greenhouse, so even if you don't want to store (or simply don't have) all of the items listed above, you'll still get some use out of this ingredient stall storage feature.

Stick with us as we continue to bring you more cheats, tips, and tricks in ChefVille, and check out our complete guide to the game for more!

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What do you think of this list of available storage items in ChefVille? Have you already fully expanded your Greenhouse? Sound off in the comments!

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