PuppetShow: Destiny Undone - Review

hidden object, puppetshow, preview
hidden object, puppetshow, preview

Welcome back to Joyville; a place where one of the biggest Hidden Object Adventure series 'PuppetShow' originated a few years ago and still, has no sign of ending (yet).

We do not want to be harsh on this sequel but the game really let us down right from the start. The poor Felicia needs your help again as her father is being captured and the town is once again, full of creepy looking puppets and the our old buddy 'the creepy crawling spider robot'! Well, if we take a little look at the history of PuppetShow; 3 of the 5 games in the series featured story about missing person, we doubt if Felicia would be missing herself the next time we visit the town.

Anyway, although the start is pretty dull and uninteresting; the story develops as you move on. The graphics are plain awesomeness with good range of colors and very detailed, beautiful scenes. You will be able to meet some of your favorite characters from the past games as well as a few new ones. Despite its fantastic graphics; the audio sounds very very similar to the one being used in the prequels. Also, the voice overs are not so good; the voices of Felicia and a few other children strangely sound like adults try to voiced children.

The gameplay has improved from the first four games too. The developers now include an interactive map where you can use it to jump to places as you wish, however, it doesn't work as we expected. Each time you click on a location, there will be a pop-up box asking whether you really want to jump there as if we cannot jump back if we unintentionally click on the location. Another thing is that if you have moved on from a set of areas using transportations such as a tram or an elevator, you cannot go back to the place using the map; you need to ride the tram back first. Well, that sounds logical but people use map to avoid that annoying backtracking!

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