Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity: Gift Passwords

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In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity on the Nintendo 3DS, once you get to a certain point in the game, you'll see a "Wonder Mail" option in the main menu where you can enter in some codes to receive free gifts.

Listed below are the password codes that you can use in the Wonder Mail option to get some free items and pokemon.
Gift Password Codes for the North American Version

All Protect Orb – 2C3YJ43F
Gold Scope – KWM4W3H2
Joy Ribbon – P326J5WX
Joy Seed – JTN34N92
Oshawott – JTN34N92
Pikachu – 2C3YJ43F
Revival Seed – MFN89K9X
Snivy – P326J5WX
Tepig – MFN89K9X

Gift Password Codes for the Japanese Version

All Strength Stone – 5SFPHSF5
Axew – HK3JHWW9
Blue Key – MS2NT2N5
Calcium – 54M765Y6
Co-Operation Scarf – P3N9FNSK
Dark Gift – NP529KP5
Dragon Gift – P5HK562S
Effort Flag – HK3JHWW9
Electric Gift – 4JYYK242
Fighting Gift – T8WJYJK3
Fire Gift – JQ3Q3T29
Ghost Gift – 8TSMFYP6
Gold Ribbon – Q2TWS8M9
Gold Seed – W4KRK4XH
Grass Gift – 6NW2R75W
Green Key – H37Y9K5N
Ground Gift – XH4233YF
Happy Ribbon – RMS2MHMW

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