March Madness Facebook Game Face-off 2013: Round 3

March Madness Facebook Game Face-off 2013 round three
March Madness Facebook Game Face-off 2013 round three

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VOTING FOR ROUND 3 IS OFFICIALLY OVER. Check out the Final Round here to see who won and vote for advances next!
Glad you could make it to the third round of the 2013 March Madness Facebook Game Face-off by Things in this competition are certainly heating up, as the wheat is slowly being pulled from the chaff. This past week, we saw Dragon City dominate once more to eliminate Bubble Safari from the competition, while CoasterVille lost out to Pool Live Tour.

Just one Zynga game is left in this competition, the mighty FarmVille 2, which beat its ultimate rival Candy Crush Saga by a respectably small margin. Finally, Diamond Dash moves onto the next round after showing up 8 Ball Pool. Now, on with the vote to decide who makes it into the final round of this fast, furious face-off.

Voting for this round ends April 8. Vote now!

It's a genuine clash of the titans in this match-up between Zynga's number one game, FarmVille 2, and Wooga's most popular, Diamond Dash. Will the blazing speed of match-3 win against the allure of a sprawling farm? Only your vote will tell.

Recent mega hit Dragon City stands before a worthy if surprising adversary in Pool Live Tour. Will a classic game gone digital and social overpower the draw of raising dragons? As Captain Planet would say, the power is yours.

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