CoasterVille Kraken: Everything you need to know


If you've got room in your CoasterVille theme park for another imaginative new ride, you can now place and build the Kraken in your game. The Kraken is based on the legendary sea monster, but this one looks a lot more whimsical than menacing. There are a series of

quests to complete along with the building of this Kraken ride, and we're here with a guide to get you started. Let's go!

Sea Ho!

  • Place the Kraken Base

  • Finish Building the Kraken Base

The Kraken Base is given to you for free, and it can be built using 3,840 coins, five Row Boats, 600 Goods, and 3,840 Thrill Points to complete. The Row Boats can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a general news post on your feed. If you're playing the game on, you'll likely receive these items faster than you would if you just waited for your friends to help you out. When you complete this first stage, and this first quest, you'll receive two Coconuts and 200 Goods.

A Light on the Water

  • Complete the Second Stage of the Kraken

The second stage of this ride requires 4,800 coins, 750 Goods, 4,800 Thrill Points, and six Marquee Light Bulbs. These Bulbs are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help. Remember, if you're ever running low on Goods, you can visit your friends to potentially earn 50 Goods per friend.

There are five stages to the Kraken in all, with each increasing the item's value in terms of the Popularity Points it adds to your park, and the Thrill Points received when you collect from it. Of course, each stage changes the item visually as well, until you have the full ride unlocked and ready for operation in your park.

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What do you think of this new Kraken ride in your park? Have you already completed a few of its stages? Let us know in the comments!