BioShock Infinite walkthrough

bioschok infinite walkthrough. gamezone,
bioschok infinite walkthrough. gamezone,

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BioShock Infinite

The Lighthouse
1912 Coast of Maine...

The game starts off with a funny conversation and when you reach the pier look to the left and climb the ladder onto the pier as the boat you were on goes away... not knowing when it'll come back, let's move ahead now.... (There are a couple of Silver Eagles - The Currency, to the left behind the wood wall)

Go from the right ahead to the entrance and before knocking, move left to find a barrel with a couple of things in it and a Silver Eagle on the ground. You'll obviously need to keep an eye out for such barrels and other boxes which may hold useful stuff for you so keep watching.

Knock on the door and let yourself in. You'll need to get up to the top most floor here and on your way, read the placards to the right at the foot of each level of stairs and on the top most level you'll come to three bells. As shown on the card which Booker draws out, hit the first bell once and the others twice and watch the world thunder red. Go inside and sit in the Fancy Chair and after the Ascension -


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