The best of April Fool's Day 2013: Video games edition

Draw Something Kim Jong-Un
Draw Something Kim Jong-Un

The goofiest day of the year is here. It's April Fool's Day! In the age of the Internet and social media, that generally means take everything you read online today with a grain (or seven) of salt. At the very least, it makes for some well-produced laughs from across the world of gaming, and we're here to highlight some of the best April Fool's jokes in gaming this year. Let the lulz begin:

Guild Wars 2 goes HAM

ArenaNet, the developer of the hit subscription-less MMO Guild Wars 2, truly outdone itself this year with a fully playable April Fool's gag, Super Adventure Box. Players can enjoy a whole new retro-style world to conquer all for the sake of a silly holiday. Plus, you get this radical '80s-style commercial. Bravo, ArenaNet. Bravo. Read more on GameZone.

Sonic the ... screaming goat?

Sure, SEGA put "blast processing" on the map, but that's nothing compared to the latest and greatest in gaming tech: goat processing. Yeah, the Sonic creator totally went there, and it made for a pretty funny video. Read more on GameZone.

If Molyneux made Dishonored

Dishonored directors Raf Colantonio and Harvey Smith have issued an amazing satirical developer commentary short about their critically acclaimed stealth shooter. With lines like, "You can play as a door for the rest of the game," this one is worth a watch. Read more on Kotaku.

iPad? How about iPlay?

The moment every iOS gamer has been waiting for has arrived. The end of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft's reign on the console scene is through. Even the fabled Steam Box will cower before the almighty Apple. This is the future. This is the iPlay, brought to you by the peerless mind of Jony Ive. Thank you, IGN.

Enter the (Blood) Dragon

Ubisoft is seriously mind f**king the gaming community today with its purported expansion to Far Cry 3. It culminates on the ultimate day of pranks with a goofy '80s-style teaser trailer with a split second of gameplay footage. Put on your tinfoil hats, folks, and read more on Kotaku.

The Ocama Toshiba Shibasphere

Welcome to the future of gaming technology, everyone. Toshiba looks to enter the console wars with a quite hilarious jab at motion gaming and the bombastic, hype-tastic nature of game console announcements. Watch this, and then watch the PS4 announcement for some chuckle-worthy clarity. Read more on Mashable.

Draw Something ... like a dictator

Kim Jong-Un likes Draw Something, it seems, but he's not interested in having his subjects doodle anything else than his adorably evil visage. That said, this is Draw Something: Kim Jong-Un edition. Draw Jong-Un accomplishing various ridiculous feats of strength and skill--just be careful of your guesses. Read more (but not much more) on

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