Snoopy Coaster is a simpler take on the roller coaster endless runner

Earlier this month, we took a brief look at Chillingo's then-upcoming roller coaster endless runner, Snoopy Coaster. Based on the classic Peanuts franchise, Snoopy Coaster sees players controlling a roller coaster as it heads non-stop from the left to the right side of the screen, jumping over obstacles and going through loops along the way.

Snoopy Coaster isn't the first of its kind, and it isn't even the first game in the genre in Chillingo's catalog (Madcoaster launched back in March of 2012). It is, however, probably the easiest version of the roller coaster powered endless runner that we've seen. In each game, you'll simply tap on the screen to cause the roller coaster to jump over gaps in the track, and can tap and spin your finger in a circle to make the coaster repeatedly go through a loop to earn more points.

Every 1,000 m, the in-game environment changes, with backgrounds ranging from a snowing mountain range to a tan desert, and only a few other options in between. If you last long enough, the backgrounds will start to repeat, which is disappointing as some come with foreground details that can make it hard to see the track when its randomly placed near the bottom of the screen.


As you play, your main goal will be to not only survive by jumping over gaps, but to also hit many of the items that are scattered in the air in front of you. Coins, balloons, kits, birds, butterflies, and more are all available for hitting, with many of these collectible items (like the birds and balloons) working to help you complete missions and level-up your coaster. The coins, as you might have guessed, can be used to purchase power-ups, like distance boosters, coin magnets, and more. While you can shell out real money for these upgrades if you don't want to take the time to earn coins, thankfully, the game is so simple and easy that it's not unheard of to earn more than 1,000 coins in a single run, lasting 10,000 m or more before you ultimately fail.

Snoopy Coaster comes with the simplistic graphics that you'd expect from a Peanuts cartoon, and each car in the coaster is filled by one of the franchise's classic characters. You'll hear short audio clips from these characters as you play, which is a nice touch, but these too start to repeat in lengthy games. Even so, you don't need to be a Peanuts fan to find enjoyment in Snoopy Coaster, as it's a slower, easier game that's perfect not only for those that are unfamiliar with the genre's previously released (and harder) games, but also for younger players that may not have the reflexes of a long-time gamer.

If you're interested in trying Snoopy Coaster, you can now download it for $0.99 on iPhone or iPad.

Download Snoopy Coaster on iTunes for $0.99 >

What do you think of Snoopy Coaster? Have you tried the game for yourself, or are you still addicted to another roller coaster endless runner? Sound off in the comments!

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