ChefVille Super Parts: Everything you need to know


If your ChefVille restaurant is full of unfinished projects, Zynga is hoping to help you complete them with the release of the "Super Part" feature in our restaurants. These Super Parts are similar to the "Special Delivery Boxes" in FarmVille, in that they can be used as any part in the game, regardless of whether it goes to an appliance, ingredient stall, or even decoration like the Chinese New Year Dragon.

The catch with these Super Parts is that Zynga will have to manually enable their use within each and every item within the game, and that simply hasn't happened yet. Still, you can start collecting these items by simply asking your friends to send them to you, and your inventory can hold up to 19 at once. You can earn up to 10 per day, so there's no point in going overboard with requests, since you'll just lose any over 10 that you collect.

Once you find an item that can use these Super Parts, you'll simply look for the "Super Parts" menu at the bottom of the item's build screen and click on "Use Parts" to use a single Super Part per click. On the other hand, if you've already finished everything in your restaurant and you simply wish to help you friends, you can now manually send out Super Parts to your neighbors by selecting this item on the game's free gifts menu.

Again, these Super Parts will become much more worthwhile as Zynga updates previously released items to allow us to use them, but it's a good start either way. Make sure you collect a few of these Super Parts in advance of this wider release, and you'll make tons of progress when this feature completely rolls out.

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