Latest Data on Travel Trends Can Help You Save on Your Next Vacation

KOH PHANGAN THAILAND - JUNE 18:  A woman enjoys the beachside pool at the Anantara Rasananda resort  June 18, 2012 on the island of Koh Phangan off the coast of Koh Samui . Thailand's official tourism body, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has set itself the ambitious target of attracting more than 20 million tourists in 2012. According to TAT, In April, Thailand welcomed 1,659,021 international tourists which is a slight increase of 6.87% over the same in 2011.  (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
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Opportunities to save on airfares are like a seesaw: When international fares go up, expect domestic fares to go down. And vice versa, the best times to fly internationally are often when domestic travel is heaviest.

After studying 1 billion search queries from 2012, booking giant just released new data about travel trends -- everything from the cheapest times to fly to the places where airfares are rising. The findings offer some good guidance for those planning their next getaway.