Finding A Spiritual Career

What are the available spiritual jobs in America?
What are the available spiritual jobs in America?

In this holy season of Easter and Passover when so many Americans are focused on faith, some of them likely are even considering a religious calling. Those thinking of making religion a life's work are probably not surprised that religious organizations are far from the typical U.S. workplace. But this also makes those working for religious organizations exempt from many of the laws that apply to most other working Americans and, as employers, faith groups tend to be much less transparent about their inner workings.

While the spiritual rewards of a life in the ministry can be incalculable, a recent article in Slate looked at that calling in earthly terms and found that many religious leaders -- such as rabbis, and pastors at megachurches -- may earn six figures per year. Imams, on the other hand, average much less -- around $30,000. Overall, the average salary among members of the clergy, however is $47,880, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.