CoasterVille Kodiak River Run: Everything you need to know


If you're ready to add another thrill ride to your theme park in CoasterVille, while also giving you guests a place to cool off on a hot day, you'll probably love the new Kodiak River Run custom ride that has been released in the store. This is a water tube ride that's available to purchase in the "Custom Rides" section of the game's store for 1,440 coins.

Once you place the base in your park, you'll be able to immediately place the first expansion and build it with energy and parts. The first section requires one Woodworking Kit, one Coaster Expansion Kit, 40 Goods, and 360 Thrill Points to unlock. When this is done, the ride will be operational, but of course, it won't be very thrilling for your guests.

If you'd like to expand the Kodiak River Run, you can do so by simply clicking on it and then clicking "Expand." So long as there is room next to the ride to place a new segment, you can do so for free. This second piece requires two Logs, one Coaster Expansion Kit, 80 Goods, and 720 Thrill Points to unlock.

Moving on, the third segment of the Kodiak River Run requires one Woodworking Kit, one Coaster Expansion Kit, 120 Goods, and 1,080 Thrill Points to unlock, as seen below.

As you continue to expand the Kodiak River Run, the ride will be worth more Popularity Points in your park, and you'll also receive more Thrill Points from the ride when you Boost it. You'll also need to build some sections to complete quests in your park, so it's really a "two birds with one stone" situation here. If you'd like to get started on building your own Kodiak River Run, make sure to find its base in the store the next time you login to the game.

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