The Last of Us Preview - Gaming's Cure or An Infected Mess?

last of us preview
last of us preview

Ever since Naughty Dog first emerged onto the gaming scene way back in 1989, fans have had the pleasure of watching the studio grow and evolve from one console generation to the next. With franchises like Jax and Daxter and Uncharted on their plate, there is absolutely no denying that the developers have proven that they have range when it comes to creating compelling content.

With the release of The Last of Us only a mere 3 months away, I had a chance to participate in a 30 minute hands-on demo for the game during last weekend's PAX East expo in Boston. Did I walk away from this title seeing it as gaming's cure or an infected mess? Keep reading to find out my verdict on one of this year's most anticipated games.

When it comes to combat, Joel is able to perform stealth kills by sneaking behind enemies and stabbing them. While this technique may work early on in the demo, the difficulty elevates quickly once variations of infected enemies are present within the same environment. The most dangerous adversaries to defeat are the severely infected creatures that look exactly like the fungus that has been coursing through their bodies. Getting close to these enemies guarantees an automatic death because you are unable to sneak up or use melee weapons on them. This element of gameplay is where strategy will have to come into play if one wants to survive.

After completing my time with the demo, I walked away thinking two things. For one, The Last of Us will be a game with phenomenal storytelling and a diverse cast of characters that we will grow to care about. In many ways, a lot of today's games are lacking in these two areas and in that sense this will be a refreshing and rewarding experience to behold.

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