OUYA Console Starts Shipping to Kickstarter Backers

kickstarter ouya
kickstarter ouya

At GDC, OUYA announced that their console will be available online and in retail stores starting June 4th for $99.99. They also announced that Kickstarter backers will be getting theirs over the next few weeks.

OUYA began shipping to backers started today and will continue as receive them from the manufacturer. There are currently 104 games available for OUYA including Final Fantasy III, which was also announced for the console today. All games are free to try and if you want to purchase them, you'll need a credit card. Being the first adopters, Kickstarter backers will serve as the guinea pigs for the generations of improvements to follow before the console launches in June. Forums will be opened for feedback and an AMA on reddit, date still to be determined, will provide for further feedback on to get the console as awesome as possible before the official launch.

The OUYA team left a note for those who are starting to get their consoles:

  • When you first boot it up, you'll experience our first update :) This will either be super fast (seconds) or allow you to get a drink (minutes) based on your connection speed. Eventually, we want to do these updates in the background...

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