Kixeye teases eight new games for 2013, like TOME: Immortal Arena

TOME Immortal Arena
TOME Immortal Arena

After War Commander developer Kixeye released a rather provocative recruiting video last year (not to mention that other snafu), the studio looks to ask its players, the studio had a run of entertaining the media. Now, Kixeye looks to focus on its players in 2013, judging from a video interview between CEO Will Harbin and Bloomberg.

During the chat, a cool and collective Harbin avoided any direct criticisms of competitor Zynga, but managed to bash fellow contender EA's strategy post-Riccitiello. More importantly, however, is that Harbin teased that Kixeye plans to release a whopping eight games in 2013 alone. And we've already seen one of these teased games in action: TOME: Immortal Arena.

Footage of the upcoming game was shown during a video arrangement put together by Facebook for a talk held by Facebook director of game partnerships Sean Ryan during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. From the terribly short look at the game and its title, TOME seems as if it will compete with the likes of League of Legends and DOTA 2, if you catch our drift. Frankly, we're surprised Zynga has yet to come out with a MOBA yet.

Are you psyched to see more of TOME? Will Kixeye amass the scale of, say, King or Zynga in 2013? Add Comment.