FarmVille 2 Mud Wallow: Everything you need to know


As FarmVille 2's current focus is on "Mud" and all of the things players can do or make with it, it's not surprising that we'd see yet another building item

released that deals with the dirty stuff. The new Mud Wallow is available to build for free, and we're here with a guide on doing just that, with help from Zynga. Let's get started!

The Mud Wallow base can be built using 10 Faucet Pipings, 10 Red Balls, and 10 Pig Fence Posts. These items are earned through a combination of general requests posted on your news feed and individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. When that task is done, you'll be able to finish the Mud Wallow by asking four friends to come work on the frame.

After you've finished the whole Mud Wallow, you'll need at least four Adult Pigs (not Prized Pigs) on your farm for it to function. When you feed your Pigs, they'll still automatically drop Mug, but they'll also drop a new type of Mud that is only used for this feature. Similar to how you collect Milk Droplets from Goats and Cows, this Mud will fill the Mud Wallow Meter. Once it's full, you can harvest the Wallow for Clay.

As you collect from the Mud Wallow, you'll have a chance of randomly earning a special Antique Coin. There are three different Antique Coins to collect in all, ranging in rarity from Common to Rare, but you'll need to collect multiples of each to actually finish the collection. When you collect all of them (again, they drop at random), you'll receive a Spotted Pig for your farm for free.

Obviously, the more Pigs you have on your farm, the quicker you'll be able to harvest the Mud Wallow, and the quicker you'll unlock those new Spotted Pigs. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Mud Wallow in FarmVille 2? Have you already started collecting Antique Coins and Clay on your farm? Sound off in the comments!