Farm Heroes Saga is the cutest match-three game we've ever seen

Earlier this week, was rebranded as just King, as the massive mobile and Facebook game developer announced plans for the future aside from the name change. King announced the launch of two new Facebook games in the popular "Saga" series, starting with Farm Heroes Saga. Now available to play on Facebook, Farm Heroes Saga may look and play similarly to King's own Candy Crush Saga, but the goals are different, and the game is almost too cute to handle.

Farm Heroes Saga is a level-based match-three game that sees you taking on the role of a farmer, setting out to gather crops, flowers, or farm animals in each level. Stages each come with different goals and one of several different board layouts, but the gameplay is generally the same. You'll make matches of three or more like crops or elements (like water and sun), with some of these items being required in bulk to complete a stage (a level might see you collecting 20 Onions, or 30 Sun, as examples).

While each level might see you collecting a different set of items, most come with additional symbols that aren't required, but can still be matched as normal. Since each level has a limited amount of moves available to reach its final goal, there's a real dose of strategy here. Sure, matching non-necessary symbols might open up matches of necessary symbols that weren't there before, but you'll need to determine whether that's a risk (and a move wasted) that you're willing to take.

The more crops you collect in a single level, the more points and stars you'll earn. Reaching just the one star level and the bare minimum in terms of required crops or minerals will see you unlocking the next stage, and so it goes as you make your way through dozens of levels. Power-ups will allow you to instantly clear out (and collect) a row of items, while a shovel removes one single item of your choosing from the screen. Along with these purchased power-ups, the game also provides automatic boosts in the form of multiplier symbols that make a single vegetable worth two or three times its original value (or more).

There are a few variants on this basic level type, like ones that see you collecting farm animals by earning a certain number of stars in a stage, and boss battles that see you making matches to actually damage an opponent on the screen. All the while, you're met with soft pastel graphics and absolutely adorable fruits and vegetables, each with a face and personality all their own (Onions are shedding a tear, for instance).

While Farm Heroes Saga may contain match-three gameplay that's similar to other titles, even within King's own catalog, the game is downright adorable, and it comes with that same addictive itch that sees you saying "one more level" time and time again. It seems more difficult to earn three stars in any of these stages than it does in Candy Crush Saga, but if you're a fan of that particular match-three game, you'll likely love Farm Heroes Saga just as much, if not more.

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