Ex-NFL Star Warren Sapp's Florida Mansion Finally Sells

Warren Sapp home, Windermere, Fla.
Warren Sapp home, Windermere, Fla.

It's been a long road for ex-NFL star Warren Sapp. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders defensive tackle filed for bankruptcy in April 2012, with reportedly nothing left in his bank accounts but a little more than $1,000 from his $77 million in NFL earnings -- and $6.7 million in debt to pay off. He threw his prized possessions on the auction block to scrounge up some quick cash: his collection of more than 200 pairs of sneakers, a boxing glove signed by Muhammad Ali and, perhaps hardest of all to part with, a drop-dead gorgeous 10,000-square-foot Mediterranean mansion in Windermere, Fla.

Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp

The house was listed for $3.774 million by a bankruptcy court in September, and at an auction, celebrity fitness guru Brenda Dykgraff won out with a $2.1 million bid. But a judge rejected the offer, and the court began seeking a higher one. Now, six months later, it looks as if the court has snagged a bid that it can live with. Not more than two weeks ago, Sapp's estate hit the market again, this time for $2.9 million -- and it's already sold, according to Realtor.com. (The listing has since been taken down.)

It's too bad that Sapp got himself in such a financial tangle. The Windermere home originally was worth more than $7 million. Sapp did sort his money problems out (though he still owes a chunk to the IRS for unpaid taxes), but that house is officially out of his hands. Cheers to the new owner, though. In case you hadn't heard, the mansion has maybe the most eye-popping pool and water slide you've ever laid eyes on.

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