Outta This Kingdom - Review

outta this kingdom review
outta this kingdom review

This whimsical journey starts when Rachel, the main character somehow being transported into a magical fantasy kingdom along with her cat, Martha. She has to join forces with Jake and other humorous characters to 'Outta This Kingdom'!

Well, well, well - we must first admit that Outta This Kingdom is a silly game. It has silly storyline and an unusual gameplay. However, in this case, silliness' is not bad; it is actually quite good because this light-hearted game offers us something new apart from building kingdoms or tribes and it is actually fairly entertaining.

Outta This Kingdom is the game that the whole family can enjoy partly because of its lively storyline and partly because of its Candyland-style graphics. The graphics in this game is basically mind-blowing; colors are vivid and beautiful and characters are cute and adorable. The dialogues are fun to follow despite the inconsistency of the annoying voice overs.

Outta This Kingdom plays like none of the Building/Time Management games ever existed. The game still based on the typical collect, build and upgrade gameplay, but the developers add a few nice twists. Each character has its own ability, such as, Martha who can find food and Jake who can do the hard job like fighting off enemies. Some items you found in the scene will also be added into your inventory (is this the first time that a Building/Time Management game has an inventory of its own?); the items can then be used in other areas on the map which add a nice extra gameplay. Many players would also be appreciated to know that Outta This Kingdom is not a timed game so you can enjoy every minute of it with no pressure or keeping up with the time.

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