League Of Legends: Top played champions March 2013

league of legends chamions
league of legends chamions

League of Legends continues to reign supreme as the king of the MOBA games and every month here on MMOAttack we take a look at the most popular Champions. January and February both featured some surprising Champions but March sees the introduction of two brand new Champions to the monthly top 10 as well as the first successful defense of maintaining the most played Champion spot for the month.

Take a look below. Do you think the current top 10 most played Champions are correct? Or do you feel there's a superstar waiting in the wings that should be featured more dominantly in day-to-day gaming on League of Legends.

10 Leona

Maintaining the number 10 spot for the second month in a row is Leona, the Radiant Dawn. Leona continues to be a popular choice among a variety of League of Legends players and has gone from strength to strength since her release in 2011. Some have speculated that Leona's time in the League may be on a general decline due to the quality of the newer support-tank Champions.

Many consider her only real role to be a 0cs bot-support Champion, which leaves her on the bench for some as newer support-tank Champions have the ability to switch between lanes far more frequently. However, Leona can be quite a potent Jungler in the right hands but this isn't generally a role accepted by the wider community.

9 Lee Sin

Lee Sin has been on a general decline since our first list in January. Originally holding the number 3 spot at the start of the year, February saw Lee Sin drop down to 6th place while he struggles in 9th this month. This is most likely due to the increase in Jarvan IV and Xin Zhao players as they can both be potent Jungler's with quite a shallow learning curve.

Although the Blind Monk can still hold his own in a fight many consider his time as a prime Jungler to be at an end. This is mainly due to the skill level required to play Lee Sin. His skill-shots and quick combinations are quite often lost on lesser skilled players, prompting many to choose easier and more potent Junglers. Lee Sin has also been the victim of recent nerfs, further reducing his chances as a first pick Jungler, although it's not uncommon to see him banned in ranked matches.

8 Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao has been jumping around the top played Champions list since the start of the year. It's his third appearance in 3 months. He originally sat in 9th place in our January list before moving up to 4th in February. Season 2 was a little quiet for Xin Zhao but ever since the popular pro gamer Diamondprox displayed his abilities in various tournaments, Xin Zhao has shot to the forefront of many gamers top League of Legends Champions.

Arguably one of the most hated Champions in the entire League, the Seneschal of Demacia is considered by many to be an easy-mode Champion. His fast skill rotation and easy-to-build mechanics offers casual players the opportunity to compete with the most skilled of opponents. This isn't to say he requires no skill at all but among the most popular Champions, he's one of the easiest to learn.

7 Tristana

Making her first appearance this year and jumping in at a respectable number 7 spot is Tristana, the Megling Gunner. She is one of the many yordle's in League of Legends and is a regular target of fan art and cosplay due to her quirky nature and cheerful personality.

One of the few Champions that is capable of supporting both an AP and AD build Tristana is loved by thousands thanks to her explosive damage and potentially beautiful ultimate ability. Some of the best plays I've encountered in League of Legends involved a skilled Tristana combining two of her abilities. Watching a player Rocket Jump over some brush in the Jungle before finishing off a retreating opponent with Buster Shot is a sight to behold.

6 Jarvan IV

The second Champion to be making a debut this month is Jarvan Lightshield the Fourth, the Exemplar of Demacia, also known as Jarvan IV. He is one of the most versatile Champions in the game and can be seen in various parts of the League battlefield. I've seen many Jarvan's play a successful top role, while also seeing many Jarvan Junglers and even supports prove successful.

Despite having quite an easy set of skills his ultimate ability can be the savior or downfall of a team. His ultimate ability, Cataclysm, sees Jarvan IV jumping towards his target before surrounding them with impassable terrain. This can be a great ultimate ability to stop a fleeing Champion or to group up opponents for AoE damage, but it can also trap allied Champions resulting in quick deaths. He does have the ability to cancel the skill at any time, but more often than not it's a little too late. .

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