Get ready to say "Aw" for Mittens, Disney's upcoming physics puzzler

In keeping with Disney's love of teasers, Disney Interactive has released a first teaser trailer for its upcoming mobile puzzle game Mittens. As you might have guessed, Mittens stars a cute kitten of the same name that apparently wants nothing more than to collect balloons at the end of each obstacle filled environment.

Mittens' adventure will take it through a variety of environments, from a construction yard and circus tent to a dark and spooky cave. Each level looks to be filled with other interactive animals like birds that will carry Mittens over large distances, sometimes helping Mittens claim a shiny gem that might otherwise be too high to reach.

Depending on the environment, the obstacles will obviously change, from trapeze swings in the circus tent to flag markers in the construction zone, and lots of items in between. Further details about Mittens are still up in the air, but we know this one will be coming to mobile "soon." For now, check out the game's teaser trailer below. Warning: Cute cats are cute!

Are you excited to try Mittens when the game launches in mobile sometime soon? Sound off in the comments!

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