ChefVille Coin Head Chef Challenge: Everything you need to know


The newest Head Chef Challenge has been unveiled in ChefVille, meaning that the first Challenge surrounding Sirloin Beef has now expired. Thankfully, this second challenge can be completed entirely automatically, without any real input from you. That's right, this challenge can be completed as you simply play the game and earn coins, hence the name of the Coin Head Chef Challenge.

This challenge comes with three prizes, and pretty hefty requirements to earn them. You'll need to earn points to climb through the prize rankings, with one point being rewarded for every 100 coins earned. Here's the full breakdown:

50 Points - 5 Energy
200 Points - 7 Spices
500 Points - 2 Head Chef Challenge Crates

It's unknown right now what these Head Chef Challenge Crates contain, but they come labeled with the same Golden Trophy as seen in the rest of the event, which means they could hold anything. Hopefully, they'll contain Chef Cash and rare ingredients, but I suppose any free items are better than none.

You'll have just five days to earn as many points as possible. Good luck climbing the rankings in this new Head Chef Challenge!

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What do you think of this new Coin Head Chef Challenge in ChefVille? How many points have you earned so far? Do you think you'll be able to earn any of these three prizes before it expires? Sound off in the comments!

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