ChefVille Aftertaste: The Greenhouse is one of the best things Zynga has ever done


While saying the word "ever" might be pretty strong, the ChefVilleGreenhouse is easily one of the best things to ever be released in the game, as it addresses multiple issues, all for free. Item storage is a huge headache in our restaurants, both in terms of general decoration storage and ingredient storage. Why do we need to keep three Artichoke Stalls out on our land (as an example), since the event that required Artichokes is long over?

Even though players have the option of deleting ingredient stalls they no longer need, or even storing them inside their very limited storage capacity, there's a real fear that comes with selling or otherwise permanently removing something from the game. Even if the ingredient stall can be purchased and built again in the future, that still doesn't remove the thought of "what if." What if Zynga releases another event sometime in the future that requires a ton of Artichokes, but I've sold all of my Stalls? Will I have to waste time rebuilding these Stalls when I should have kept them all along?

Perhaps I'm overly paranoid, but this Greenhouse seems perfect for paranoid players, as well as those that simply want to clear up some space on their land. Not only can you store ingredient stalls that you may actively use day after day, but you can also store those items like Artichoke Stalls that you may not technically need, but are afraid of getting rid of.

While it's disappointing that we have to wait for friends to send us parts to unlock additional storage slots within the Greenhouse after we've filled the first two, at least the feature is technically free to complete. So many storage options in games can only be expanded after completing much harder tasks than simple item collections, or even cost premium currency to ever unlock. I'll definitely take the current setup over the alternative, and I can only hope that a similar item is released to store old appliances as well.

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