WildStar previews: Nexus shines at PAX East

wildstar nexus pax east preview
wildstar nexus pax east preview

Things have been relatively quiet on the WildStar front since Carbine Studios first revealed the game back at Gamescom 2011. Sure, there have been bits and pieces of information out there in the intervening months and years, but the game has been interestingly absent from the radar of the larger gaming populace. That all changed with PAX East 2013, though. Carbine Studios and NCsoft were out in force, with fully playable demos on the show floor, a panel, and a lengthy press demonstration. With WildStar now set to release sometime in 2013, it's clear that NCsoft chose PAX East 2013 to get the marketing machine rolling.

Unfortunately, due to a number of scheduling issues we didn't actually have a chance to get hands-on time with the game at the event, but there is still a good deal to talk about today.

To save some time, if you're completely unfamiliar with WildStar, you'll want to check out this handy "What is WildStar?" video Carbine Studios released ahead of the show.

Done? Awesome! Let's get to the good stuff then, shall we?

WildStar's world is comprised of a mix of sci-fi and fantasy and the developers have taken a decidedly less serious approach to the game when it comes to WildStar's personality.

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