Weather Channel Anchor Says She Was Fired Because Of Military Service

Nicole Mitchell
Nicole Mitchell

The internet is full of tributes to Maj. Nicole Mitchell, "weather babe," who for seven years was a familiar face on the Weather Channel. But Mitchell is far more than just a "Hot Girl of the Weather Channel." She's been a military reservist for two decades, now serving as a member of the elite "Hurricane Hunters" for the Air Force Reserve. She has degrees in meteorology and law, and claims that her employment reviews were always outstanding. So it came as a shock to Mitchell, and her fans, when the Weather Channel kicked her off the air in 2010.

Mitchell is one of thousands of National Guard and Reserve members who believe that they lost a job, or were denied a job, because they're on-call to fight for their country. And like many, she's suing -- alleging discrimination against members of the military. After NBC bought The Weather Channel in 2008, Mitchell says that her new managers would frequently complain about her military obligations, purposely schedule work shifts during her trainings, and dock her vacation days. She was bumped from the channel's flagship show to a later night broadcast, and finally, four days after she returned from her two-week annual training in 2010, she was told that her contract wouldn't be renewed, "for business reasons."