The ideal MMO: Jurassic Park

jurassic park mmo
jurassic park mmo

Our resident MMOMoose recently touched on the potential of a dinosaur related MMO game and it really got me thinking, could it work? Outside of the peculiar Dino Storm, there have been very few MMO titles that have captured the essence of awe provided by dinosaur related media. In terms of franchise potential there isn't really anything that could match the fan base and reach of Jurassic Park, cue my next Ideal MMO article.

I would imagine most people seeing a Jurassic Park MMO as maybe an MMOFPS or MMOTPS title, but I'd like to push my idea a little further than that. I would blend together two different genres of MMO play to provide a more in-depth experience for dino fans.

Some of you may remember Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, a multi-platform management game that released back in 2003. Imagine Theme Park or Sim City, but with dinosaurs. Players would choose which dinosaurs they wanted to have on display and would then need to ensure they have the correct enclosures for those specific dinosaurs. Players had to attract tourists, create an attractive looking park and quell any dinosaur rampages that may occur.

So for my ideal Jurassic Park MMO I would feature an extensive MMORTS side, giving players the opportunity to breed and hatch any kind of dinosaur they please. Providing the correct food, habitat and potential mates would all go towards running a successful park. Visitor satisfaction would be a huge factor so players would have to ensure they construct the Jeep tracks to view as many dinosaurs as possible, as well as optional tours around the background areas of the park.

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